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Our Story

Faith, Hope and Love

It all began almost six decades ago when a young couple purchased a stretch of farmland in the heart of the Northeast Georgia Mountains. With immeasurable faith, Cecil and Juanita Crumley decided to build their life there. They constructed a home where they lovingly raised their six children and started a dairy farm on the property.  Throughout their lives, Cecil and Juanita remained hopeful each year that both rain and sunshine would bless their farm with what it needed to offer them a fruitful harvest.

There were good years and bad, but through them all their hope never faltered and neither did their love for one another. It was out of love that the couple decided to gift a portion of that land to their children many years later. That land is where The Venue at CeNita and CeNita Vineyards, Winery & Tasting Room now stands. The breathtaking event venue was a labor of love for the Crumley children and their families, who wanted to honor the legacy of their hardworking and devoted parents.

Today the event facility serves as a venue for some of life’s most cherished moments. As visitors stand in awe of magnificent Yonah Mountain and soak in the lush farmland and vineyard that surrounds this treasured place, they feel the virtues of the property’s original owners still lingering there.  They feel the power of faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these, of course, is love.


*CeNita is the combination of the names Cecil and Juanita, the namesakes and former owners of the CeNita Vineyards property.


The CeNita property is rich in family tradition and run by close family and friends who are all dedicated to ensuring each and every detail of your event is executed flawlessly. Let our family bring joy to yours on your special day!

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